About Healing U Natural Therapies


Maree Best is a qualified natural therapist. Her sessions are designed to get you back on the road and heading in the right direction.

Teaching you how to work with your mind, body  and spirit with a little help from natures garden.

Choosing from a range, there is always a treatment option to manage what is happening with your mind, body and spirit. There are many benefits for using appropriate therapies to create balance & health in your life.













This technique was developed by Emile Vodder in 1931 to help detoxify your body and fight off virus and bacteria. The lymph system is as complex and as big as our arteries and veins and yet serves an entirely different purpose.

On receiving treatment you may find that you are carrying less fluid at all times especially at PMS times (woman) and that that fluid has been filtered by your kidneys for toxins before being flushed out of your body as waste.

Your immune system may benefit and you may feel your level of energy rise and be less susceptible to virus and bacteria. This is great for keeping your bowels regular.

Fantastically helpful for people suffering from lung-heart related diseases such as: bronchitis, asthma and heart failure.

Also used in conjunction with the ‘Bioptron Light Therapy system’ to deliver clearances in the lymphatic system. ‘Lymphatic Drainage’ is also very good for sprains within 24 hours of injury. Add a poultice of green clay and you have a winning combination to get you back and moving.

Not available online.



Our sessions will enable you to access body harmony and help to let go of unhealthy emotional attachments that leave you feeling tired.

Of prime importance is how you are feeling when interacting with people.

Your programming as a child can hold you captive.

These sessions are designed to bring issues to the surface that are stifling your personal growth. Know that you are safe in this healing space and come to know a new understanding of yourself.

It is best to allow yourself to come to an understanding of what is making you stuck and to tackle it with some help from a professional.

With Astrology you can enter into an amazing realm of your own knowing where some of your answers may become apparent.

Indulge your senses in the 3D astrological circle of your life where you can feel encompassed and held with the universe and then wait for your answers to be delivered. Spend some beautiful time working in our 3D Astro drama sessions.


Treatments (colour therapy) can assist in connecting with your own innate energy systems to bring balance.

Relaxation using the ‘Bi-optron Polarised Coloured Light system’ brings about the healing of the colour spectrum to your cell tissue.

Everybody needs ‘Light’ and it has been a healer since the dawn of time. (It is well documented that every human needs light for a range of healing).

Relax while you feel the rejuvenating movement of the polarised light as it brings healing to your chakras. Sequences with all chakras or specifically working with one as identified by your intuitive body work up on arrival. Good for age spots or other blemishes also.

I can arrange a video conference with you.



Bush Flower essences can free you of psychological pressures to then free your body of physical constraints.

This system was developed by a naturopath and delivers to you the healing vibrations of the Australian Bush.

We live on an ancient land with ancient healing vibrations. ‘Gondwanaland’ was the first continent to rise up and out of the ocean 40,000 million years ago.

We are the oldest continent with some of the oldest tree species and shrubs in the world. Let their primitive essences help to heal your body, mind and spirit.

This treatment can help achieve calming benefits with ‘Emergency Essence’ in times of stress or trauma. Other physical dis-eases such as skin problems,  digestion and insomnia can also be assessed.

Aromatherapy products come in both a cream and drop form and this two-pronged effect of Aromatherapy and Bush Flower Essences helps to heal the body.

I can arrange a video conference with you.


Aromatherapy can complement any treatment.

Many take home products will continue your healing at home.

Products like ‘Anxiety Gone’ in a 15g purse size jar is handy to take everywhere to calm your nerves.

The ‘Sleeping Giant’ is a cream that will ensure you have a great nights sleep. An oil blend to be vapourized as you sleep or a coughs and cold blend to be vapourized to guard against those nasty germs that are being coughed out everywhere.

For any health situation I can discuss and tailor made aromatherapy products especially for you and your family.

I can arrange a video conference with you.


The Chinese say that the cups “Suck the bad wind out”.

It is like a vacuum cleaner for toxins in your body.

Your lymphatic system can benefit from this toxic cleanse and all you have to do is sit back and relax.

This method works in line with the Chinese meridian system or energy superhighways of the body.

It is good for shoulders that have been pulled out of alignment and scapulars that need an extra push to move tense muscles.

A beautiful way to finish off a treatment and highly beneficial to the Central Nervous System as a perfect balance.

Not available online.


‘Close your eyes and feel a sense of peace having been to that special place within your sub conscious’.

Creative visualization is a great way to start meditation and indeed there are many kinds of meditation.

Learning your own group of symbols is akin to learning your own dream symbols that are unique to you.

In this way using creative visualization deliver answers to many of life’s questions.

A lot of people say “I have tried many times and I can’t meditate”. Alot of people also say they don’t dream.

The key to both is to take time with yourself and tune into your symbols, such as:

Picture your Mother cooking in the kitchen. This image means something different to everyone. So, what does it mean to you on a ‘first thought best thought’ basis?

This meditation may apply that answer to your life. My method has been taught to hundred’s of people and everyone has been able to learn from the first time they have meditated. The benefits are plenty.

I can arrange a video conference with you.


Cranio-Sacral therapy is a system of positive and negative egergy.

It may settle people who find themselves in traumatized situations or for people who just like the sensation of being completely peaceful.

Not available online.


Life and Business coaching helps you into a space of what is possible for you in your life.

You may think that you are held back by the beliefs you hold onto.

We all set targets and engage the possibilities in your life.

Are you living your best life or is there something you have always wanted?

Now is the time to reach out and grab it by sending the thought ahead.

Energy really does follow intention.

Welcome to your whole new life as we build it together step by step.

I can arrange a video conference with you.


Maree Best

ATMS:12580 (Health Fund Rebates)

Healing U Natural Therapies

Noraville NSW 2263

Mobile:  0419 281 585


Thank You for taking the time to visit me!

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