Astrological Change through Saturn in Libra…

Astrological Change through Saturn in Libra…

by Maree Best

…Change can come on tip toe or as a freight train bearing down at 100km’s. One thing’s for sure and that is that change is a constant in our life and will be always our constant companion.

Saturn in Libra energy (21 degrees) right now invites us to re-structure the micro and macro dynamic of relationship in our life. The micro at the ‘self’ level and the macro at the ‘other’ level.

What does that mean?

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Time to dust off and revitalize what was once you. You used to know yourself well at one stage – most probably when you had less problems and stress in your life. What do you like to do and what brings you pleasure?

 Alternatively what takes your energy to an all-time low?

Time to invest in those activities that return dividends to you as a person. Only then can you be your happy and smiley self. This is what Saturn is delivering you the chance of now. Specifically where in your life is dictated by the house that Saturn inhabits in your chart.

Once you feel that you’ve  got a grip on that, take it to the world. OK, starting to get the idea?

What then?

Share yourself around and engage in the joy that is yours to indulge in. Create and revitalize your juice of life. Dynamic people around you will live your difference. Imagine the zing that this energy can put into all relationships including marriages, partnerships, workplace and family.

Of course nothing comes for free and the hard teacher (Saturn) could bring you the equally hard way around to gain the information and education that will support you to make the differences you now require.

Feel and observe what is being presented to you in your life right now. Change via Saturn is coming through the mind (21degrees-30 degrees), after the last year of sifting through the physical and sorting the emotional regime.

Remember to say thank you Universe along the way for the twisty and sometimes winding path that you call your life and love it as it was made especially for you.

Embracing change makes it all the more smoother and special. Enjoy yourself, you deserve it!

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