Capricorn delivers her Christmas Message

Christmas affects us all. Old family squabbles rise up and new bones of contention are created…

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… A newly partnered couple divides Christmas day between the two new families which somehow in a dis-jointed way is supposed to become one.

One sibling realizing that they were just too young when Mum and Dad gave up ‘doing Christmas at home’ considers the possibility again of how lonely he or she will be on Christmas day.

Others have ‘absent or addicted’ parents and on Christmas day would have like to done a better job of providing fun for their children but one way or another it didn’t happen.

Some people approach Christmas as ‘newly aggrieved people’ who now have to work out a whole new way to have Christmas, because those they spend it with have departed this world or their life eg: divorce, move interstate, overseas or too far away.

There are thoughts and feelings for us all and at Christmas this year the dark of the moon is in Capricorn at 2 degrees on December 24th 2011 – pulling into play the astrological security axis that being security with the self (cancer) and security within the world (Capricorn) as a polarity (opposite).

This will put pressure on the structure of the family and for two weeks prior to December 24th expect to feel the first rumblings of what is coming to the fore in your emotional shadow (what you are yet to know) being bought to the surface.

On Friday December 23rd the sun ingresses (moves) into Capricorn from the month prior in Sagittarius. December 24th then brings a twin luminary conjunction (two planets of the same sign that sit within a few degrees of each other) which deliver life path direction, some hard knocks, expressive and emotional re-structure, an ability to become aware of father time ticking away in one’s life and that ever present yin/yang (balance) question/experience to work the conscious and the sub conscious.

Also ‘father’ as a concept will be prominent in one’s psyche.

Whether you look to the father within you in respect to how you father yourself and others (that wise person within) or physically look to how your own father externalized you into the world. Was your Dad fun? Did he take you to the beach? Did he work all the time? Did he not once come to your sporting event? Was he always there? Were your bills paid on time?

A chance maybe to balance out what you received from mother and father and accept and know that what you got was exactly what you needed, to be the person that you are now and the person you are growing towards becoming.

Along with that thoughtform comes the acceptance of your soul path in this life which as we all know is no job in particular here in earth school but rather a contribution of what you got downloaded in your ‘person package’  at birth (south node) to develop which now beckons you forward into the next part of your life.

There are many sub conscious thoughts and feelings that are given life by the movement of the sun & the moon into Capricorn. What we have just discussed above would not be complete if we did not mention ‘mother’ to balance out (or incorporate the polarity) for it is the concept of mother that internalizes us into the world.

Our intuitive/gut instinct that lives within us all. Our emotional self that hurts others or becomes hurt by another’s action.

For us not knowing what it is that motivates us to be in certain relationships, other than to know that our soul is yearning for something either given or not given to us as children.

These are our emotional security questions of the self and the sub conscious path we wander through our life is guided at all stages by the ‘mother’  within. Was she distant? Was she extra warm and cosy? Was she the best cook you ever knew? Was she a great traveller? Did you feel safe with her?  

Was ‘her’ your own mother or was she a friend of the family who took you under a wing and said ‘hey there is shelter from the storm here, come stay awhile’. How well we let ourselves attach to others and how well we example attachment to our collective children will create who they will be ‘emotional security wise’ tomorrow.

So it seems Christmas IS a very big time!

As one can feel from reading this article there is much to be considered as we enter into the Christmas Silly season. Maybe it is not so silly after all.

Perhaps it is all about every single one of us just trying to make our way through an amazing download of soul and life contract knowledge so we can integrate all of the above issues and end up a richer individual who can truly contribute to the collective in a heart- felt and at the same time grounded/structured fashion.

So put some Christmas steps into place that will take you and your psyche through this part of the year:


  • Remember energy really does follow intention! So put out a clear thought-form and let the universe do the rest.

  • You get all your everyday stuff done on the physical and let the Universe do the rest on the astral, and remember no being upset with the Universe when your life doesn’t play exactly out your way.

  •  Have faith that you are being supported every step of the way with whatever your heart truly desires. Yes! Truly desires! This is the only way forward because the heart’s code is the only language that the universe knows and responds to.

Wishing you all a very Happy, Safe, Loving and Intentional Merry Christmas!


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