Energy Medicine


Our sessions will enable you to access body harmony and help to let go of unhealthy emotional attachments that leave you feeling tired.

Of prime importance is how you are feeling when interacting with people.

Your programming as a child can hold you captive.

These sessions are designed to bring issues to the surface that are stifling your personal growth. Know that you are safe in this healing space and come to know a new understanding of yourself.

It is best to allow yourself to come to an understanding of what is making you stuck and to tackle it with some help from a professional.

With Astrology you can enter into an amazing realm of your own knowing where some of your answers may become apparent.

Indulge your senses in the 3D astrological circle of your life where you can feel encompassed and held with the universe and then wait for your answers to be delivered. Spend some beautiful time working in our 3D Astro drama sessions.

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