Healing U QandA

My shoulders & neck are always tired & aching. What can I do to make them better?

Wintergreen and Kunzea mixed in a carrier oil e.g. apricot kernel oil is an excellent musculoskeletal oil.

What is also good is to consult a remedial massage therapist that used Muscle Energy Technique to extend the range of your neck & shoulder muscles. Lengthen to strengthen is the old massage adage and MET works beautiful for neck extensors, flexors & rotators and the many attachments both to the scapular and the A.C joint.

My lower back is really tired after my day at the office. I try and stretch at the gym 3-4 times a week but nothing seems to help.

A quick tip during office hours is to stretch every hour and an easy stretch for lower back is to get down on your haunches, legs naturally fall out and bring your head to your chest. Breathe 3 times slowly in and out and with each breath feel the lower back release. Go to your reflex point on your foot which is directly underneath you ankle plus one inch down and give it a massage or use a crystal to hold over the point.

I have chronic sciatic nerve pain down my leg. X-rays show that all is fine and doctor says that no surgery is necessary and suggested massage. How will that help?

There is a muscle called piriformis which when tight can compress the sciatic nerve and create pain. By releasing this and surrounding muscles pain can be dealt with. Ask your local remedial massage therapist.

I always get (maybe 3-5 times a year) a shocking migraine headache where my eyes get fuzzy lines across them. The Doctor has run all his tests and says everything is OK and that learning to relax could help me.

Lavender oil at the first hint of pain to relax the areas. Apply lavender to the temples, under the nose, and on the pulse points. Very importantly have a really big sniff of this aroma and keep sniffing. Keep a bottle or a spray purse size with you all the time. Muscle Energy Technique will also help to extend the range of your neck muscles and keep blood flow consistent.

I have been assessed as having short leg syndrome which is terribly painful? Can you tell me more about this syndrome and what (if anything) can be done to help me?

Short Leg Syndrome can definitely be addressed with your local remedial massage therapist who will pay particular attention to your pelvic muscle attachments and by using one of the remedial modalities will create balance through the hips releasing the legs to return to the normal length.

My child has sore legs. He is healthy in every other way and my doctor says it’s just growing pains? I thought growing pains were something my mother made up to get me to bed at night but maybe there is something in it?

Growing pains are real for kids. Remember bones only grow at either end so concentrate the healing oils on those areas. Growing pains can be uncomfortable and painful so massaging their legs with a sedative oil like lavender or vetiver with a dash of Kunzea in a carrier like macadamia oil can be really affective a couple of times a day for say 2 minutes each side.

My partner left me and I constantly have nightmares about him returning? What could I take to help?

Bush Flower Essences are absolutely brilliant for these types of situations in your life. They shut down your auric field at night and keep you contained so that no one else’ thoughts can enter into your sleeping realm. Sometimes when sleeping we pick up on others worries and intentions.

I am so busy in my life I feel as though I can’t see clearly as to my life’s purpose? What could help?

What works really well is learning to stay in contact with yourself. Learning basic meditation techniques can be a great help. Add some exercise and making decisions on a first thought best thought basis also adds to clarity in one’s life.

I have a skin condition that is inflamed and nothing I use seems to fix it. Any ideas?

Blue essential oils like Yarrow and German Chamomile are highly beneficial mixed with a cream base and maybe a chamomile or lavender hydrosol. To that I would suggest some Bush Flowers depending on what is happening in your life.

My daughter has been diagnosed with ADHD and getting her into bed is a nightmare after a long hard day at work. I am feeling exhausted just thinking about tucking her in bed. Can you help?

I think that two very simple things can help. A mix of the soporific oils like vetiver and marjoram both neat in a burner and in a carrier like jojoba oil applied to the child’s feet, hands and ears. Petrea King has put out a beautiful CD of night-time relaxations meditations for children and comes complimentary with a rainbow meditation to put fears and the day away for the night.

I am 31 weeks pregnant and am desperate for a massage. What would you suggest?

Find a pregnancy massage bench so that you will be absolutely comfortable with the ability to lay face down. Only mandarin and lavender are recommended for the 2nd & 3 rd. trimester.

Can you please tell me a little about infant massage and the benefits?

Bonding, digestion, settling and sleeping well are just a few of the benefits of infant massage. Join a class near you and get the added bonus of meeting other new mums and bubs.

I have heard that you can see the outline of the foetus in your feet when you’re pregnant?

Yes you can see the outline of the foetus where the arch starts to form from the heel. Remember no pressure on this area during pregnancy. Certainly there are pregnancy safe reflexology treatments.

I have always had problems with my lungs like bronchitis and keeping the flu for too long. Got any ideas about what in natural therapies can help me please?

Lymphatic Drainage is an absolute must for people with lung challenges. Help to clear out old toxic residue still in the lungs after infection or inflammation. Another massage modality known as Bronchial segmenting is also very good at clearing lung challenges and delivering a well-being outcome.

I suffer (and I do mean suffer badly) from constipation. I have tried everything and have run out of ideas. What can you suggest?

One of the major modalities I always suggest for chronic constipation after a full check up by your GP is lymphatic drainage of the abdomen which involves a series of non-painful movements which stimulate both the organs associated with digestion and the area that the food moves through. With a regular treatment of lymphatic drainage one can expect very regular bowel movements without any extra effort.

I have heard that you can stretch your spine through your foot reflexes. Is that true?

Yes there is a certain reflexology technique that can stretch the spines back muscles which is an excellent treatment when the back itself is off limits or it has sustained damage.

Please write to me if you would like to ask a Question. All questions will be published so that other people can benefit from the information provided!

2 thoughts on “Healing U QandA

  1. I’m a waitress in a bistro and have been for about a year now, and every now and again I will get a sore back but lately my back is always tired so when I get home of a night or on my break I just sit down or lay down to rest, and as soon as I wake up of a morning and have my little stretch, all up my spine just cracks and crunches. What massage would you recommend for me?


  2. Hi Ally, Thank You so much for your question. I have been extremely busy this year with various courses and I apologise for the delay. If you take a look at Questions 1 and 2, this should put you on the right path. Thanks so much for visiting, Maree.


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